I'm Ava, the tall girl behind the camera. I’m a driven twenty one year old lifestyle photographer, nursing student, and animal-lover located in Duluth Minnesota. I began my photography journey when I bought my first camera at thirteen in hopes to become a famous YouTuber. Unfortunately my dreams of becoming a Youtuber were short-lived, so I turned to photography as my next hobby. Nearly seven years later, I’ve transformed that hobby into my very own business.


Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

- Jimmy Dean

how it started

Like most people, 2020 was a very tough year due to the virus. I was a senior in high school and was ecstatic for things like my senior prom, my senior softball season, and to finally walk across the stage with my high school and associates degree. When that was cut short, I decided to dust off my camera in the closet and take some cap and gown photos of myself to celebrate. I then had the idea to offer these photos to other students in the area, so I hopped on Instagram and made a casual post. Little did I know, that post would change everything. I had an overwhelming response by my peers and community members and by the end of the summer I had made 3 news channels and photographed over 75 graduating seniors. And then the rest was history! Everyday I am grateful for the opportunities I had during this time, and I couldn't have done it without the support of my community. 

When I'm not doing something photography related, I'm probably studying for some sort of nursing exam. I graduate in May 2024 and am hoping to be an ER nurse! I tend to thrive in chaos so choosing that specialty just seems fitting.

FUn facts about me

I have two assistants that I can't work without. They're my kitties, Poppy & Franklin. They're usually fighting for a spot in my lap while I edit my galleries :D

My zodiac sign is Cancer, which probably explains why I cry during almost every wedding ceremony :')





I am reluctant to admit that I absolutely LOVE grabbing a coffee and going shopping, especially at locally owned businesses here in Duluth. I sure love it, but my bank account says otherwise. Ooops!

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